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Welcome Guys,

Hope you find the following information and articles useful.

Dr database is still work in progress so if you are searching for an EM aware medic - please ask. If you havent shared your Dr details with us ,may I urge that you do!. You can either add your doctors name/address/country/ to the 'who diagnosed your EM ' post (pinned as a featured discussion), or ,if you prefer , message a moderators inbox in confidence.

If you wish to have 1.1 support please message one of the moderator team.

Remember: 'known' triggers are heat, fatigue, exertion and stress.

Advice: take photos - more the merrier , and keep a pain diary in preparation for your consultation.

Wishing all the EM'er family a 'comfortable' day ;)

God bless

mads x

307-TEABROCHURE.pdf (130 KB) 308-MedicationSense.comErythromelalgia.htm (15.4 KB)

Few more ;)


Thanks again Mads! you are the best!

I hope you can enjoy a little of that sun thanks to the freezing temps! Those are my favorite days. sunny but cold. I live in Washington state and I rarely get to see the sun unless it is summer then it's too hot!

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