Jobs that worsen erythromelalgia symptoms

So since my son was diagnosed with erythromelalgia he has tried several jobs unsuccessfully that he has resigned from. He is 31 years old and i understand his desire to be self supporting but i am wanting him to be realistic with his expectations. He is currently trying to get a job as a correctional officer in a prison which obviously requires long amouts of time standing and walking. Is there any medical opinions that help guide people with this condition as to what types of jobs will worsen symptoms? I have encouraged him to go to college for cyber security which all jobs can be done remote.

Unless he has a passion for cyber security, he might eventually be unsatisfied. It is a constantly changing field, and requires keeping abreast of the latest knowledge and cyber threats. Also, depending on the position and the company, it may require frequent travel to customer sites.

I don’t mean to discourage him from cybersecurity, just trying to set expectations. It is a fascinating and rewarding field, for those who have a passion for it.

Thank you so much for responding! He is a gamer and has a love for everything tech and is very good with computers phones and tech but he realizes that cyber security is coding and has never tried it before. Im assuming if he is able to grasp it there will be many jobs available. I have a friend in cyber security that is currently doing work through federal government contracts. My fingers are crossed for sure LOL! Thanks again!

Any job that is remote is much easier for me. I need to be wearing light clothing along with not moving around too much. I have EM in my hands, but I can manage from home at a desk (along with the feet/ears).