Just Wondering

I was just wondering if having EM will make me more prone to bloodclots?I still have alot to learn about it.Also does anyone else notice when turning over in bed at night I feel like I can feel all my blood rushing to the other side?And it seems like I have flares all day and night.Does everyone else also suffer from Raynaud's too?And what about Heart problems can it cause that as well?I just concerns me that not getting blood flow to other areas will cause more problems.Any help will be appreciated.

I often have the feeling of blood rushing when in bed, I explained it to my doctor as a feeling of having your foot in a wellie filled with water and it moving/gushing when moving leg. Not sure if this is what you're expleriencing..??

I have lots of bruises which makes me think that my blood is thin enough not to clot (I take asprin daily to thin my blood)

I'm waiting to see a specialist but I think I've started getting Raynauds too, seems as being in the cols causes burning/icy feeling in hands and feet and I then go into EM flare when going into the warm from the cold..!

I hope you manage to get some answers from somebody who specialises in EM. Would be interested to know anything you manage to find out. :)


I feel like my blood is moving from one side to the other.Like I feel it going all the way down the opposite side.I don't go back to my Rheumatoligist till March I hope to get more information about the EM.I too take Asprin dailey.I don't know why it's so hard to get info about EM.I'm still having a hard time knowing where to go on this websight i'm not very computer savy.But hopefully I will figure it out.I have noticed the more I stand on my feet the more they swell and hurt,also weather and stress effect it as well.I don't see how I can have restricted bloodflow (Raynaud's)and too much bloodflow with EM all in the same body!!Before being diagnosed I thought I was going nut's they kept telling me it was Hot Flashes!! I kept telling them no it's not my skin looks sunburnt and hurts and is hot to touch.Also during the summer I had sweat running down my back n legs.