Ketamine Infusion

My doctor and I had a video appointment today. I am on 65 mg Amitriptyline at bedtime and 175 mg
pregabalin twice daily. I am improved when compared to 5 years ago. My doctor surfaced Ketamine infusion as a possible third treatment.

Has anybody tried this?


I would just like to offer my two cents on Lyrica. I had been on it for ten years. Did it help my EM? Yes. Without a doubt. It did not come without a price, however. This is some gnarly stuff to get off of. There were times when my pharmacy ran out, I stayed an extra day or two on vacation and didn’t have enough or some other situation arose causing me to miss a day or two. The withdrawal symptoms are horrendous. I felt like an addict on street drugs. I would literally panic when my rx ran low until I got a refill. I hated living like this. I started weaning myself off. I was admitted to the hospital two years ago for something unrelated. I was given morphine and Lyrica together. I coded and woke up in the ICU with a tube down my throat. Opiates and Lyrica together can stop your breathing! No one told me and no one at this hospital knew this either. Do your research before starting and make sure you are willing to take the risks. I am happy to say I am completely off it now but it took almost a year to get me there. My sleep has been slowly returning to normal. My EM is not as bad as this stuff. I feel like it should be pulled from the market. The FDA has info on line about warnings for Lyrica and opiates.

I was on the same drug regimen, just slightly different mg’s. The combo of Ami and Preg work the best. In 2019 I did try a Ketamine infusion. It lasted 3 days and was very grueling. I’m glad I at least tried it, but it didn’t help or hurt, my EM was the same afterwards. Good luck <3