Living in rv... works great! and some other tips

so after i got em two years ago, i moved into a rv because i was unable to work at that point, and because i needed to be way colder at night than i could in a house. and let me tell you guys, living in a rv is a god send, i could not be in a house if i tried. it is super cold, and at night it is freezing (i dont have to dunk my feet in much water usually either) and during the day time i can change where i am instantly, whether i need to be warmer, or if i need to be way cold.

i also buy those huge 2.5 gallon water jugs from the store, and lay about ten of them under my table, they stay at the perfect temperature to cool my feet super fast, and they do not get cold enough to cause the lesions/blisters on my feet. (the fan method works great, but its a bit slow in my opinion)

dont use ice. stick your foot in a bag first to protect the skin if you have too. i found that ice was making mine slowly worst every day when i first got em.

keep moving!!!!!! super important. some days i can barely walk, but i will stand as long as i can till i can walk, then walk as far as i can little by little, but never stop!!! stationary bicycles are very helpful

a/c can cause those blisters for me personally.

best diet i have found is plain low sodium/raw foodist diet.

i take these supplements: msm/vitamin d3 ALOT!!! (because gabapentin can make you deficent)/good multivitamin/fish oil/ TONS OF MAGNESIUM!!!!! ( read articles online about magnesium and its interactions with em). these are the main ones, but i take many more. remeber that having junk food is not worth the flares!!!!

and watch out for humidity, that seems to be the hidden flare "causer" for me that i just learned about

I bought a small motorhome (Class B, Roadtrex) just before Christmas. Will be driving from Alaska to the Oregon coast, leaving in about three weeks. Have to wait until my daughter in law gives birth to their second. The RV gets 20-26 MPG. It is 23 feet in length. And I too have had EM for two years. And I too just got a stationary bike that is designed to be used by the hands. Just got the bike table set up today with the peddle machine mounted on the table. Oh, the Oregon coast has pretty much a temperature of 50 degrees all winter. Sounds perfect for me. I may be spending more winter time there. Oh going to have my youngest daughter (she is also pregnant) ride with me from North Pole Alaska to Oregon.She will be baby sitting me. What part of the country do you live in? Jim

i live a bit south of san francisco, thats amazing the similarities of our storys! oregon coast does sound nice, sounds a tad colder than where im at in california, but the colder the better.