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I am so happy to have found this group!
I am looking for a Dr. in the Seattle area. I have an appointment this summer with a Rheumatologist, but I have no idea if that is where to start with testing or with a Neurologist. I was told by a Podiatrist that I have EM. It’s all so confusing to me where to begin. Thank you!

Hi Gummy,

I would begin by searching The Erythromelalgia Association’s physician directory, this way you’ll see a specialist who has dealt with this rare condition before.


Thank you SO much! I see a few Dr.’s very close to me.


I’ve seen 2 of each kind of specialist and I’ve found the dermatologist to be my best. He and my rheumatologist consult but the derm is my most attentive. Wishing you all the best.

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Thank you for your recommendations. My PCP just talked to the Rheumatologist I was scheduled to see and she thought I ought to see a Neurologist instead of her. It’s all so confusing!
Stay well everyone! :tulip:

This is why its so important to see a doctor that’s actually seen EM before, otherwise you’ll simply get bounced around from one specialist to the next.