Lot of flare ups on feet

so, my feat have been getting massive flare ups (like turning the purple red level flare ups) and massively swelling, I have been cutting spicy food and excess salt out of my diet, and been trying to lower my soda and Canadian style coffee intake (double doubles) However none of this has helped with lowering flare ups, especially in my feet.

My shoes are mostly comfortable, I don’t like socks though as they make my feet hot, sweaty and uncomfortable) trying to figure out if I am doing something incorrectly, as I would like to NOT have chronic flare ups.

any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

I’m surprised you can wear shoes. Shoes will make my feet flare right away.

Hai, I feel you there.

Update flares ups continue, now develiping blistars from flare ups. Really hurts to walk.