Magazine article

I found this in a magazine while waiting for my hospital appointment, I initially felt excited that MAYBE some other patients might be able to see it and gain some knowledge about treatments etc. Sadly I felt like it didn't give very good advice, the poor person who wrote in was probaly left with a feeling of disappointment after being told that there is no treatment by the Doctor who replied to her question.

I wish I was able to give her a few tips that could make her life easier and some ideas of medication that has helped some of us. Or point her in the direction of Living With Erythromelalgia and TEA. I am going to write into the magazine and give them a piece of my mind.

Maybe if a few of us took the time to email them with our concerns that they might do an artical on EM and bring it out in the open to those who have symptoms but have been sent from doctor to doctor with no help. Hopefully the person who wrote in for advice might see it too.

Let me know what you think about this and whether or not you will write in to the magazine. If some of you wanted to then it was Take a Break volume 23.

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