Medication and weight gain

During a visit to the pain management clinic during the week the specialist wrote up a medication plan with various medications and combinations that I will be trying on a trial and error basis. I am now taking 8 300mg gabapentin plus asprin, he has suggested I go up by 300mg a day until I'm taking 12 300mg. If I don't get any relief from this then he's going to add different medications (the names I can't remember, he's going to post me a copy when he sends it to my gp)

What he did really stress is that with the increase of gabapentin I will almost definitely put on weight, and if I have to try the other meds then it will double the weight gain. This really worries me as I have always had issues about my weight/size and wonder if it will be possible to stop myself putting on weight even with the increase of meds. (I have struggled to keep the weight off since starting gabapentin)

Have others managed to keep your normal weight or have you struggled, or put on weight since starting on any of the medications given for EM..??

I would be reallt grateful for your input or suggestions.

Thanks all :)

No I am on 2400 mg gabapentin daily and no matter what I do I can not lose any weight I eat less am swimming more but weight remains the same


The gabapentin does seem to slow down metabolism. I changed my diet to eat more during the morning and afternoon when more active and eat less in the evening. This matches up with our metabolism pattern anyway. After an adjustment period of a few weeks, I was able to control weight as before the high dosage of gabapentin.

FYI, higher doses of gabapentin in my case didn't really help more, so be aware of whether or not you're getting improvement at each step-up of the dose.

I am on a combination of Lyrica and Cymbalta. And yep on weight gain. Especially since before diagnosis I walked every day for excersing. The combination of both not being able to walk for excercise and the meds I think is what caused me to gain weight. Don Jones posted that he has eats more in the morning and afternoon and lesser at night. I have tried everything and finally found out that this is the only way that I can maintain my weight and not gain.


I have been on Gabapentin for 4 years, and my body just builds up a tolerance to it. For a year, I have been on 1200mg morning and night with 900mg in between. I was also on 300mg aspirin which I stopped because it didn’t do anything and if I had a cut, the bleeding would last ages because it thins the blood. over the past year on the real high dose, I have put on about 4 stone (this includes my EM getting so bad restricting me from getting out). I have now went down to 600mg a day as I thought it would help but now the weights on I’m stuck with it.

Where you not someone who said you exercise plenty during a week? As, I personally can’t exercise due to the pain and flare it brings and the swelling I have restricts me, although since you can get out an exercise so hopefully you don’t notice a difference!

Thank you for all the information. I do exercise regualary, mostly spinning (cycling class) because I can do that even when my feet flare. I'm lucky in that although they flare EVERY session they just swell, tingle for about 2 minutes then go numb for the remainder of the class. (this is not a typical flare for me, all my flares are different for different exercise, boxercise gives me a normal flare that then lasts the whole evening.) It does mean however that I have to use huge amounts of brain power to get my legs to turn the peddals at the right rythym etc. I am beter at standing and climbing becasue I can use my body weight to assist my brain.

I have put on half a stone in the last 6 months even though I am lucky enough to be able to exercise 6 times a week. There have been sessions where the pain is so bad I think I won't be able to go back the next day but every day is different so I go, try and hopefully manage a whole class each time.

I am worried that if I gained half a stone while exercising regulary and only taking 5 * 300 mg then how much will I gain now I've increased it.? Plus I might have to add in another weight gaining medication.

I know I might sound like I'm being ungrateful for medication and pain relief but know I will slip into depression if I put on too much.

How have you all coped with the weight gain.?

Thanks again


I know the worrying feeling very well. I have depression due to my EM and half of that depression is because of weight gain. I have 0 confidence but because I can’t exercise and am mostly in a wheelchair due o my feet I can’t win. I also suffer from a food disorder therefore I can’t explore foods and if I do it takes months to build up and try it, so diets are hard for me. I have always been slim I used to be able to eat what I want and not gain anything! Then the past year when the high dose of Gabapentin started I put on about 4 stone or more, I was always 8/10 or pushing a 12 now I’m 16 but mostly an 18 (UK sizes btw!) and the swelling in my legs doesn’t help as there the only thing that are skinny now! But with the swelling they look huge therefore I look even bigger, and I have no confidence at all now. I have asked so many dr for there help to get me to loose weight and they just look at me as if it’s my own fault! I’m going to see a dietion to see there inpu but for now looks like I’m just going to get bigger! And being 17 it’s all ‘image’ and I seem to spend a lot of money trying to keep up with the latest fashion to feel good but it’s not enough any more!

Only in the past 4 months I realised Gabapentin WAS a big factor in my weight gain and also my bad swelling! Which I had always assumed but thanks to sites like these I know! But for now, I’m stuck with Gabapentin as I’m wary of exploring new meds in case I react to them!So I know how your feeling and why your feeling scared! Some people call it ‘shallow’ but having EM is a confidence killer alone nevermind feeling awfull about your weight as you want something to be okay!

Thanks Lauren for being so understanding. I know I am very lucky to be able to exercise still the the present time but as we all know uncertainty lies ahead for us all. I don't know where I will be in a years time, but I really want something to be going right for me. I put on a stone and a half when I was on Gabapentin last time but didn't realise that meds were the reason, I just put it down to getting older I guess. But I was lucky enough to go into remission for 18 months and in that time I managed to lose all the weight I had gained through working hard in the gym and seriously sorting my diet out. I have already put on half a stone since starting back on it, even with the exercise and eating healthy.

I am really sorry that you are depressed about your weight esp as it's so hard to get off if you are unable to get active or change your diet, hopefully a dietician will be able to offer some support where your dr has failed you.

Please remember you are gorgeous and stay strong Lauren

Oh My dear new friends, your thoughts and feelings are exactly the same as mine. I have always been a cute size and tried to look my best and now I not only feel rather poorly but look rather poorly also. My friends say I look great but I know they're just being nice and loving. I am in a wheelchair because of multiple sclerosis and can't exercise and am now takiing 4800 mgs, a day because of the em and ms so I'm like you said in a no win situation. I too am so thankful for the medicines I take but do wish there was something that wouldn't make you get fat! I've been taking gabapentin for at least 5 yrs. and been gaining weight for 5 yrs. I got on Nutri system last yr. and lost 60 pounds and was so happy but I am gaining it back little by little. I Hate It! Oh well, if this medicine will help make this em go away for even a little while, I will gladly take it. Well that's all I have to say about that. Love, Kat

This disease can take over your life but just remember to stay strong and think positive. I have been going through this for about 2 years and it is so stressful. I own a dance studio and half the time I can't teach because I am either swelling/burning or passing out from the medications. I stopped taking everything and just came to terms this is my life and try to work through the pain and when it's that bad stay home and sleep it off. I am someone who has heat & cold issues but have begun bikram yoga (105 degrees) and believe it or not it has help. Even know I own a dance studio and i'm pretty fit I hate excercising but force myself to go. Best of luck to all and remember hang in there!

I'm currently on medical marijuana which is also used for wasting symptoms cause it gives you an appetite. But I also decided I needed to lose, not gain weight. I hit an intermediate goal of 200 lb recently, I'm a tall fella. Point is, sure meds can cause weight gain, monitor and have a plan is my suggestion.