I have recently been given a prescription for this at 150mg. I haven't been officially Dx with EM but with CRPS. I do have symptoms of EM also have Raynaud's too. I have CRPS symptoms in both legs feet face. I have TMJ too.
I have a lot of med sensitivity.
Anyone willing to share the experience they have had with taking this?

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We are getting a lot of response to our articles on sodium channel blockers - lidocaine and mexiletine. These are threads to older posts on this topic , which are full of members advice and tips.


I know we have since spoken but I shall repeat for benefit of other members :)

Mexiletine ,if tritated ,can be tolerated well. I did suffer some nasty palpitations, heart burn , gastric upsets,and felt 'rough' for first 6 weeks, maybe. Take it with plenty of water/fluid as it can burn esophagus. Take it with food too. Been on this drug 9 months now and it has been a Godsend. Both Alina and I agree whilst it doesnt stop the pain etc... it can take edge off. I also know a couple of people who report ' remission' whilst taking mexiletine.

As a cardiotoxic drug you must be well monitored - ECG (Q waves need to be kept an eye on - if anyone wants to know more about this just ask ;)), bloods, thyroid checks, BP/pulse OK. For EM/CRPS - its use in pain per se (unlicensed), a low dose is taken. Mexil does not have a dose -response relationship ; higher doses will not make any 'easing' even easier. For pain 400- 650 mg is suggested. I found that around that dosage is as good as it gets anyway :). As it has half life - i find it sustains better when i take it 4 times daily. You going to get 'breakthrough' otherwise.

Chloe, mexil will be more effective if used to 'sustain' effects after an IV lidocaine. IV lidocaine will also test whether you are reactive to these SCB drugs. Could be a different approach such as antihistamines, opiates, antidepressants, anti inflammatory etc....... might work better for you. EM is not a one size fits all and I can not stress enough how important a polypharmacy approach can help many EM'ers better manage EM/EM related conditions.

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