Mod "sheltielife" in hospital

sheltie is in hospital awaiting amputation of her right leg. She’ll be in hospital about 6 weeks so won’t be around. JulesG and ModSupport are still here.

Please post your best wishes for sheltie to keep her spirits up.

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sheltie, our thoughts are with you and we wish you a speedy recovery.

JulesG, Seenie & TJ from ModSupport

Sheltie, So sorry to hear this, My very best wishes to you & hope you have a swift recovery


Hospital hopeless! No Wifi I can just about use 3G parred to my phone using my iPad.
One nurse said I wouldn’t be able to use my electric wheelchair ever. I can’t use manual because of arthritis in wrists. Since told that is wrong but really upset me.

Seenie here from ModSupport, Sheltielife. Thank you so much for managing a short message on your phone. Aside from being upset about thoughtless staff comments, how are you feeling?

My prayers and very best wishes are with you Sheltie - we are rooting for you!!


My right foot had to be amputated due to restricted blood flow. This was after a year of severe pains. I had three days of a pain pump after the surgery, and used Percocet for a few days after that. Then the old pains were gone-completely! The stump healed in a few weeks, and I learned to walk in a prosthesis. And drive again! Apparently the anesthesia stopped the old pain, but then it came back in the phantom foot, but was mild. I tried mirror therapy for several weeks, massage, and exercise, and the pains gradually subsided, and I had several months of freedom. Then I needed biopsies on several growths on my face, and bang! The nest day, the pains hit the stump and knee as bad as ever! Could not wear the prosthesis. Eventually, I found Percocet made the pain bearable, and I could walk in the prosthesis for several hours.
Holding you in love…Sammy

I am doing a little better now I am out of bed and in my wheelchair so I can move about a bit.

A quick update. Things are going well. Amazed my left leg hardly any pain!
I think the infusions are working. Ulcers far better.
No phantom pain from right missing leg.
Might go home soon.
Thanks Jules for your card.

That’s great thanks for the update. Good luck with the rehab. Your strength and attitude are encouraging to all of us. Keep us in the loop. We are all behind you


We’re thinking of you, Sheltielife. Drop by and give us a quick progress report! When will you be out of hospital?
Stay strong!

I am out now! I was supposed to go for rehab at another hospital. However I said I could manage as I hadn’t been putting weight on that leg for a long time. The physio people agreed after watching me do a transfer. They gave me the exercises to do at home and will be coming here to see how I go on. My bungalow is already adapted with a wet room etc. It’s great to be home and I will be back in action soon

golly scary, all the best. say if need anything

I am doing alright, except just got a water infection which is making me feel pretty rough, but it will go.