Moisturizing lotion creates my strongest flare

I know everyone seems to have dry skin from the constant flaring. I was just wondering if anyone knew why applying lotion creates a flare. It does it every time! If I put it on my face I flare, my hands, I flare, my feet, I flare. It’s almost as if the lotion makes me feel smothered and the flare is the heat fighting to stay alive. It creates some of my strongest flares. The other option is to allow my skin to crack and bleed.

What is the specific lotion that you use?

This is just me spitballing here, but you apply the lotion by rubbing it in, correct? Rubbing creates friction, friction creates heat, and heat is the trigger for erythromelalgia. You might also be inadvertently improving blood circulation to the affected area by massaging in the lotion. That could also increase your symptoms.

Would it help if you kept your lotion in the fridge so it’s cool on application?


The type of lotion doesn’t matter, it happens with a variety of lotions and the response is not immediate as it would be from friction, it occurs a few minutes later.
I must be a little weird in this response to lotion. I did a query and didn’t notice others make statements.

I have thought about covering pores and skin being unable to breathe or it being tied to the lack of an ability to sweat.

I’ve found that I can only use thinner body lotions on my feet. Even ones that are somewhat heavy, a little thick, will set off a flare, like for you, a while after. Andalou works great for me (I like the orange). I hope you can find something :slight_smile:

Hi there, I keep my lotion permanently in the fridge, all year-round. And take it out just before applying it to my feet gently and quickly. It definitely helps having a little moisturiser on the skin especially when it is done before midday. I would not think of applying any moisturiser after midday because the flare ups are worse, as the day warms up. I always do it in the morning straight after a shower. I also import a cream from America which is very calming to the skin and contains an organic preservative.

I use a neutral/biological daycreme as it hydrates the skin better than a lotion. I don’t rub it in but put it on very gentle. Sometimes I only use 2 fingers and put it on like corresing it. I had the same problem as I cool with wind and water, but after using the daycreme for my feet my skin is much smoother.

I’ll have to look for that brand. I’ve not heard of it, but I like the idea of a thinner lotion. I’ve always chosen thick lotions as I am so dry, but this might work.

Before I make any new purchases, I’ll try the fridge. It’s just that I have small fiber sensory neuropathy and I’m sensitive to cold. It’s terribly frustrating to be hot and cold at the same time!

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What brand is the daydream that you use?

Yeah I get it. I want to cover them in goo! But yeah gotta keep it light. And don’t worry if my fave doesn’t work for you—keep experimenting. Testers! :grin: I shop at the co-op and they have testers for every lotion. Nice perk.

It’s a Dutch brand called Dermolin and Diadermine, but you can use any brand as long as it is daycreme and has no chemicals, SPF or coloring.

I have full body CRPS so I do feel for you when you mention that you feel hot and cold at the same time. Because I feel safe.

I have the same problem! Thought it was only me but know now a lot of people have the same problem. Luckily it is only my feet that suffer from EM, the rest of my body and my face is okay. At one stage I was so desperate because my skin got so cracked and sore and I was afraid it will get infected. After trying about every cream and lotion, even my face moisturiser, I started putting some Glycerine on my feet, left it on for about 15 min and then just dipped it into water, to get rid of the stickiness, and dried it carefully with paper towel. It doesn’t work as well as lotion but it soothes the skin and makes it softer. I also tried extra virgin olive oil, I know it sounds crazy but it is one of the best oils you get. My feet started to get a bit irritated after applying but it gets better with time. It is a bit messy but it worked towards healing my feet. I just pat it carefully with paper towel to get rid of most of the oil and also dipped into water and dry. I kept that up for more than a month, sometimes a few times a day and now I can use my ordinary moisturising lotion. Not a cream as it seems to smother the feet and keep the heat in. It is worth a try, not expensive and not dangerous.

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I use medically prescribed aquaderm 2% menthol cream which I dab on gently with a mans shaving brush. It really helps.

Applying any lotion increasing my EM, because any lotion creates a barrier that prevents the air from cooling me down.
I use moisturiser sparingly over most of my feet, but apply aloe vera gel generously over my toes. That makes a balance that works for me.