Monday Night 25th May 2015 e

Right foot again - Nasty looking thing - Please Do Not Take Offense of my feet photos - I just hhought you might like to know what I am going through…

Dearest Frostbite,
I am so sorry you have to go through this…your pictures looked so very very painful! I hope you have gotten some relief by now, but knowing this disease you are still suffering. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and Coolness, Grammy

Hi Grammy -

I am hoping that the skin specialist can help when I see him on the 24th July - I am always ever hopeful but usually disapointed with the medical profession as they mostly just don't seem to care - perhaps I am becoming a cynic but that's reality for you .... Thank you for your prayers - whether they will do any good I am not sure but I am always open to Help for my tired failing body ....

Cheers & Take Care -

frostbite (Greg)