Maybe Helpful INFO for some Sufferers


Hi All -

Just wanted to post the link for an interesting document relating to Small Fiber Neuropathy and CRPS - Erythromelalgia gets a mention on page 2 under Section 2.1 - There is a lot of good information in the whole document - No definative answers but may be of interest to some sufferers and aome (most) Medico's ...


The PDF is downloadable ....

Cheers -


(still alive and suffering badly)

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Thank you, frostbite!

Thanks, was looking for something like this...Now to try to comprehend it in layman's term...Might take me awhile.

Glad someone might find it useful info - I will take a copy of what I have here with me to see a Skin Specialist on 24th July - I am hoping for some answers and some help with my poor old feet - those things might be the death of me - it is looking that way to me anyway - unless this skin specialist can come up with some treatment that will radically change the way they feel - I am ever hopeful ...

Cheers - Take care -

frostbite (Greg)


Hi Greg, those feet look very, very ........... sore ....... I don't know what other adequate word to use! I hope you get some help from your skin specialist .... and that you're ok between now and then as that appointment must still feel like a long way away. All the best.

Thanks Jules - Yeah, they sure are difficult to live with - I just go day to day and hope for the best - The days just slide on by and the weeks turn into months, etc ... the appointment will come around soon .... Cheers & thank you for caring .... All the best to you - take care - frostbite (Greg).

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