I was in a local newspaper! :D


I am on page 9

thought i should share, they consider my em and why i am homeless because of it, and some background

What a nice article Will! Maybe it will help spread your story and get you some help among the locals. I am glad to know that you and your girlfreind are still together! It is nice you can balance each other out, although having both myself I would imagine that you more often melt her ice than she cools your fire. Not downplaying the disorder, but since acuqiring EM, I will never...EVER again complain about my feet or hands or face or ears being cold and numb!! I look forward to cold days! God bless you and stay strong!

That is great, Will! Good exposure. Wishing you and your girlfriend all the best!! :slight_smile: it’s great to have a support system. I don’t know what I’d do without my husband. He has taken on so many more responsibilities since I have gotten this and CRPS. He is my rock.

thank you guys!!! and yes, she is the single person that i rely on for social happiness. i have so many friends that i will try to hang out with but i flare up like crazy!! so i usually avoid all of them :( and thats great you have a great husband, i have read of other stories where the significant other didnt understand the other person pain, and they would break up, it made me so sad! its bad enough that we are in pain all the time, its really nice to have someone there for you! :D