Found a girl friend even with em! and has a nerve disorder like ours

i havent dated anyone because its hard with all the flare ups and limited walking that i have, but i finally found someone that is compatible! she has REYNAUDS syndrome, and her body is cold, but she has to stay warm, and my body with em is hot but i try to stay cold, so whenever i hold on to her, we un-flare each other!! shes freezing cold and takes the heat from my feet!! :D

and whats intersting is that she describes to me the same sensations when we flare/unflare, and she cant get to cold/hot to fast or she will flare as well. i havent found anyone with a nerve disorder, so she is a god send to have someone who knows how i feel about flares and such. and with everything else, shes my twin! she likes every thing i like and its just crazy!

i just had to mention it, i thought id never find anyone, so if you guys want a good match, go to a reynauds syndrome forum and find somone with it!! :D

I just LOVE you attitude. Enjoy your new found love. Thanks fo sharing.
God bless both of you :slight_smile:

Good for you Will. I'm happy for you!

so happy for you Will. i am fortunate to have someone who loves me for the way i am. he dosent have a nerve disorder but he understands better then anyone i know. he sees me everyday with what i go through. reminds me to rest if i hurt, gets the big pillows to elevate my feet.....puts up with my changing moods......he is a godsend.......good luck to both of you....

I am so pleased you've found somebody who you're so compatable with. I wish you loads of flare free times together. Enjoy :)

On another note, some of us have Raynauds AND EM which means that we go from an EM flare into a Raynauds flare and vise versa...!

:D thanks guys!! and thats awesome nikki! thats really hard to find. and thats very interesting laura, im finding there to be so many similarities with the two diseases

Really pleased for you Will. Here's wishing you both lots of cuddles and not just the ones to relieve symptoms!

Wow to me it is a miracle when you can find someone who is compassionate, understanding & kind when it comes to your health problems. I think it is very rare. So hold on to each other & be there of each other.

23yrs. ago I was diagnosed with FM & CFS and my husband didn't believe I was ill because the doctor couldn't do a blood test to prove it. So that marriage didn't last long. A partner who "gets it" is a very rare breed. Blessings to you.

thank you so much tilly! and many more to come

and thank you lisers! i will surely hold on to her, we are just crazy for each other just through the fact we understand what we feel with temperatures. im so sorry that your marriage happened to turn out that way :( and yes, its very rare!

So happy for you! A match made in heaven.

Though the fact that I also have Raynaud's probably means I should become a nun...

Not a nun !!!
Look at it more as being self sufficient :slight_smile: