Hi All…I have recently been diagnosed with EM. Does anyone know of any doctors that specialize in this in Tampa, Florida? Also has anyone’s symptoms gotten worse over time? I have symptoms of multiple diseases/disorders. Does anyone have joint pain or stiffness? Has aspirin helped alleviate the symptoms? My foot gets red and swollen regularly unless it is alleviated. I also have numbness abc burning on the top of my foot regularly. Thanks in advance!

I have begun networking with a team of medical professionals in Central Florida. One of the specialists is Vernon Langford, RN, MSN, FNP-C - a nurse practioneer who is familiar with EM and is working with me on treatment. He operates a clinic on neuropathy and pain centers in the area.

my symptoms have gotten much worse with time. I’m only 18 though now. and I just started taking cymbalta and that seems to work for me.