Nitroglycerine patches

New year, new doctor. *sigh* This podiatrist prescribed nitroglycerine patches for me on Monday. I've worn them for 2 nights now and, so far, nothing.

Has anyone else tried these for EM? I'd never heard of it before but it made sense.

My symptoms have gone into overdrive, with the pads of my feet swelling and hurting at night. Along with that comes extra sensitivity to touch. Even brushing against the sheets is agonizing. I'm trying several natural treatments, too. One is a hops-based anti-inflammatory. Since ibuprofen makes my symptoms worse,my acupuncturist gave me a week's worth of samples. Oh, right... trying acupuncture, too. Only been twice so nothing to report yet.

My best to all of my fellow EM sufferers.Nobody knows the pain and discomfort we endure but us. It's nice to have others who understand.

I'm sorry Dreamline I haven't tried those. I haven't even heard of them being used before. I will send this out to the group and hopefully someone that has tried it will be of more help. Please let us know how it goes for you better , worse or like now just the same. I hope it eases up some for you soon.

Take care

Dear Dreamline,

I am so sorry you are suffering so. The increasing round of specialists is exhausting. Nitroglycerine is a vasodilator (nitric oxide). Commonly used in angina but also for diabetic neuropathy. It has some really good success in painful diabetic neuropathies. Like Alina, I have never heard of its use in EM, but saying that a variety of vasodilators are tried. Be interesting to hear from our community members.

Vasodilators often put symptoms into overdrive - bless you. Could be the vasodilator route isnt for you . In a nutshell EM is excessive vasodilation! Also remember we sometimes get rebound in the first few weeks - gets worse before getting better.

Are you not taking Gabapentin? Have you tried amitrypiline/effexor, lidocaine type first line treatments? What treatments have you tried thus far? Looked on your profile but cant see how this started - have you any other conditions?

Aside trying different treatments to try to better manage symptoms , are you looking at minimising triggers (heat, exertion, stress,, fatigue), use cooling tactics (see cool tips), and making lifestyle changes - clothing, footwear, diet etc....

Is the podriatist you are seeing EM aware? We may have some names for your area - do let us know if you would like us to take a look at our directory.

Sadly EM is very much trial/error. No one treatments works the same for all EM'ers.

Im sorry I couldnt be of more help :)

God bless

Big hug

Nitro in diabetic neuropathy

Hi Dreamline.

So sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. I just wanted to add to Mads' reply that many doctors are now using Lyrica (Pregabalin) instead of Gabapentin because it is better tolerated and reportedly causes fewer severe side effects. It is often used in combination with Cymbalta. I have found that combo works quite well together--at least I can sleep and it has removed the stabbing and burning pain and extreme sensitivity to anything touching my skin (like sheets) I used to have at night. It has been a miracle for nighttime relief.

All the best,


I'm sorry I wasn't more informative, so let me address the questions mads asked...

Are you not taking Gabapentin? Yes. I've been on 100mg 3x/day for almost a year.

Have you tried amitrypiline/effexor? Only in the lotion with ketamine. I took Effexor as an anti-depressant around 1992 and it messed me up. I won't take it again.

lidocaine type first line treatments?Both OTC lotions and patches. Neither brings relief

What treatments have you tried thus far?The gabapentin, lidocaine patches, amitrypiline/ketamine lotion, nitro patches. I use cold packs and hydrotherapy boots. Tried magnesium but it made the symptoms worse. Feverfew and black cherry have not done anything yet. Homeopathic sulfur; nothing.

Have you any other conditions? I have arthritis from L4-S1 and bursitis. I take time-release morphine and hydrocodone for breakthrough pain. That has been, lately, EM pain.

I don't wear shoes anymore. When I go out, I have a pair of "crocs" with a fur lining.

Is the podriatist you are seeing EM aware? Yes. Dr. Gent in Port Orchard. He has also contacted the pharmacy that mixes my lotion to adjust the "recipe." I need to see a pain specialist, too. Dr. Gent has also suggested I replace the gabapentin with Lyrica. I just need to see if my insurance covers it. Surprisingly, they paid 100% of the cost of the nitro patches.

Because my insurance company and provider had a falling out last June -- which neither bothered to tell patients about -- I have to start all over again. A rheumatologist diagnosed me last April; until then we treated it as neuropathy.

This has been very much a hit and miss kind of thing. I know that. It's just that right now it's all miss, it seems.

Thank you all for you support and sympathy. It's much appreciated.