Numb foot for 2 days suggestions?

Had a flair 2 days ago. Foot did the usual ...redness, swelling, pain and fthen numbness. It is usual for me to have a little, but now my little toe and the whole outside of my foot is completely numb. Any suggestions of how to deal? It is making me crazy! Thanks!

Go to the emergency room or your doctor and get it checked out right away. The longer you wait the more chance it could turn into something really serious.

I'd see a doctor. Could be hypermobility in the foot (more common than it sounds) caused the big flare up and some nerve damage. May need to see a neurologist or orpthopedic foot specialist. That numbness isn't typical EM, but could certainly be a clue to the underlying disorder that causes your EM. Would be best to see the doc while the foot is still numb, assuming the numbness is going to go away. I wonder if that kind of numbness may be more common in CRPS/RSD? I'd get it checked, personally.

I have a call into the neurologist. I called this am. I am waiting for a reply. Her staff said not to go to the ER. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else before and what happened. Thanks for the concern. I'll let you know what happens

I had numbness for about 2 weeks when the EM symptoms first arrived. In fact it was my first symptom, I went to drs because I'd had constant numbness or pins and needles for weeks, it took over a year of tests and many more symptoms before I was diagnosed with EM.

Hi Danny,

So sorry to hear about additional problems with your feet. I do occasionally get numb digits and have found that if I am lying in bed, it seems to happen to which ever side I'm sleeping. I guess it's a neuro problem of sorts, but only happens occasionally.

As above, I would mention it to your GP. Good luck.

I had a bad bout of peripheral neuropathy last winter and experienced true numbness for the first time then, but I've had EM many years and have other medical problems too so I'm not sure exactly which of the many possibilities caused it. Probably a combination. It was tough to walk without tripping and tough to drive since I had trouble judging how much pressure I was putting on the pedals since I couldn't feel them. My neuro acted like it was permanent, but a podiatrist put me on Metanx and convinced me to try to train my feet to sandals with great, and high, arch support. I'm so grateful to him because his advice paid off. I got the feeling back in my feet over the next 4 or so months. After Metanx samples ran out I bought the same form of those B vitamins and folate seperately OTC, so was on it 3-4 months, then reduced to a more typical dosage that's good/safe for long term. The Metanx did not trigger my EM. I hope you find answers soon.

My first signs and symptoms were also pins and needles in hands and feet and numbness in my right foot. I spent at least a week with no feeling in my right foot. Sometimes the numbness would go as high as my knees. It turns out I had severe spinal stenosis. The spinal cord compression was causing the numbness and my thoughts are that it aggravated the Raynouds and triggered the EM. I had surgery for the compression {ACDF} one month ago and since then only on occassion have the numbness.

I was hoping that the surgery would cure the EM. Now I look back and relaize in comparison, if you take away the cause of the start of CRDS/RDS you still have the RDS. In essence, my cause is gone but the disorder is still there. If a nail caused a flat in a tire, if you remove the nail ..the tire is still flat.

I hope that since your post you have gotten in to see the neurologist or gone to the emergency room. I now know it is not typical EM!

An Update:

I never heard back from my neurologist after multiple calls and emails so I made a call and was able to see another neurologist today. She believes my numbness was due to a bad flare which caused a sural nerve infarct. Has anyone had a nerve infarct from a bad flare?

never heard of it, sounds terrific! so sorry for that!

What brand of OTC vitamins did you get? I am thinking about getting those instead of Metanx. Do you think it helped the same, the OTC as the Metanx?

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Hi. I have EM and numb toes also the balls of my feet it was a gradual thing getting worse over the years I also have a numb area on my leg .