Opioid side effects

I’m trying a partial opioid agonist (buprenorphine patch), a couple days in. Does anyone have experience with this or similar? I’m wondering if the side effects (brain fog) will fade over time.


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Actually, after a couple days, I got a stinging/itchy sensation in EM areas (not just right underneath patch) (this seems to be an uncommon side effect). Ugh. I took it off, and things went back to normal. For a few days though, i felt it was helping with both the redness + pain. I even had a normal-ish night in there! I think opioids actually can majorly help with neurogenic inflammation (peripheral + central) which might at least partially underlie redness/flushing component in some cases.

Anyway my doc is thinking about rx’ing suboxone instead, that the naloxone component might be able to help with side effects. fingers crossed

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It’s good you’ve shared your experience in case anyone else searches the forum on this topic in the future. :hugs:

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