Hello everyone!

I'm desperately searching for a doctor in my area who has seen these conditions first-hand and can give me a definite diagnosis. In the mean time, I'd like to ask you - have any of you had Pernio/Chilblains? Or do any of you have EM with blister-like tender red areas that stay for a month or so? I am trying to get as much knowledge about these conditions as I can so that when I get in to see a doctor, I can make the most of the visit and hopefully get a diagnosis. Right now I am quite sure it is one or both of these (EM or Pernio) along with possible Raynaud's. So, if any of you have had (or know someone who has had) Pernio, or have tender blister-like areas where you have EM, it would be great to read about your experience! Thank you.

Take plenty of hand/foot pictures to your doctor. I used to have a problem where my feet was good when going to the doctor. However, after they saw and poked and prodded they got a diagnosis. Jim

I have pernio/chillblains, EM and Raynauds. I live in Kenosha and see a doctor from Milwaukee who comes to Kenosha WI every other week.

My family doctor was familiar with chillblains but I saw him first and he didnt diagnose correctly.


I have these in the tips of my fingers and sometimes toes. My finger tips swell and I get little bumps on them which look like blisters.

Yes, bring printed photo's, I brought the pix on a usb stick and he could not see it cause of security policies. Also important to bring is information. Remember, lots of specialists don't know EM. The diagnosis is partiality achieved through the interview.

I don't have Pernio/Chilblains or get blisters, and my flairs don't usually last overnight.