I was just organizing my symptom photos for my upcoming appointment with a vascular surgeon, and I thought I’d post a few here. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on whether this looks like EM. My feet don’t hurt - they just turn red and veiny. My hands and forearms do hurt, but the pain is difficult to describe - not really burning or a tingling … Just pain where the veins get swollen.

Clarification: I’m not sure how to embed them in posts, so they are in the general “photos” section.

Thank you Nola Sue!

I about drove myself crazy trying to find your photos on this post!

I will go to the general photos and have a look.

Take care


hello again NolaSue,

I took a look at your photos.

I can see what you are talking about with the veins. I am not a doctor so I cant tell you if it is EM or not.

I can see a little red to your skin too. I know they may be even redder because my photos never show the true severity of how I look in person.

I hope this is all that happen but there is a possibility it is the beginning of EM. When mine first started my veins would bulge and I could feel them doing so. It wasn't a pain as much as discomfort. Then one day it became extreme pain with burning,stinging,itching,turbulent pressure,Stabbing, and a painful sensation of burning electrified needs!

That doesn't mean this will happen to you it's just what happened to me. I know there are others that have a milder case of it and it has never progressed.

Some questions to ask yourself are..... does warmth and activity cause these symptoms? Does your skin temperature get hot? Does cooling bring quick relief?

I always recommend a photo diary with all of those questions including pain level if any to bring to your doctor for diagnosis.

Take care,