Question about the beginnings

There seems to be a lot of different ways this can start.

I have read on here that people suddenly woke up one day in severe pain out of nowhere. I have read as well that it wasn't that bad until year 6 or 7.

Then some people have flairs and for others it is constant.

I am not diagnosed. But something is happening in my hands and feet that makes them red and hot and it is releived by cooler temps and elevation. It doesn't hurt, but it swells and everyday it seems to be darker with more swelling. This has been going on for a few months. Now I can't take a walk without coming back with red swollen feet and to a lesser extent hands.

And yet it is only tingly and swollen/hot uncomfortable feeling. It doesn't go away.

An alternative doctor has found I have high arsenic and mercury. I wonder if others have been told they have a heavy metals problem?

I know that you can't tell me what is wrong or how bad it is going to get, but should I just assume that eventually this will be painful? In other words, can you start out and not really have the type of pain that others clearly have?

Thanks for your help!