Red and white

Hands are cold and hot at the same time

My feet do that. I also have Raynauds and neuropathy.

I have Reynaulds, SFN and EM and my hands look very similar. The doctor called it molting.


So question did you have Raynaud’s first then EM? Vascular dr told me I had Raynaud’s about 8 months ago, but focused on that and at the time I had not really dug into the EM stuff because I had not really known much about it. But since that visit I feel pretty certain I have EM as well. I’m wondering how you know it’s EM when you have Raynaud’s and the 2 are so back and forth. How did you know it was not just the warming side of Raynaud’s. I guess I’m just trying to figure out if im not going crazy and that I could have both I just go back and forth with myself and hope im not crazy thinking I have EM because it’s not been confirmed however I have all the signs of having both. my body is constantly fighting between being to hot or to cold.

I always had cold hands and feet until I had EM that is when the burning started. To me, it’s like putting my hands in snow and then trying to warm them up. It would be like a prickling heat sensation. I am either hot or cold, I don’t seem to ever be “warm”. You are not going crazy, having both EM and Reynaulds is trying, but I just try to dress for the weather. Usually I have to take a jacket off, but I can put it back on if needed. I hope this makes sense to you.

I remember my hands also being cold and my feet even when everyone else was warm. When I first moved to az 14 years ago I also always had a problem with hands and feet being extremely sweaty and they would hurt like crazy because they were to hot, but I just played it off that its hot as heck in Arizona and my body was trying to adjust to it. Since the last year though it came sudden with the burning and itching and when my hands heat up it’s like I can feel flames coming up in between my fingers. I got irritated tonight at my other half and of course BOOM set off a flare one side of my face and ear were on fire that was 2 hours ago I’m just now cooling down. I’m the same way though I work at a hospital and I freeze and then hot so all day for 12 hours I put a coat on I take it off. then from being cold all day when I get off and get home all night I flare in my hands and face. What is SFN? Who helped you get your EM conformation if you dnt mind me askin.

I live in South of Dallas and it gets pretty hot here too. SFN is small fiber neuropathy, I think that is what they diagnosis you with when they don’t know what you have. I was diagnosed with EM by Dr. Benjamin Chong at UT Southwestern (214-645-2400). I used to work on the campus so I know a lot of the numbers to call for appointments. Let me know if you need any additional information.