Red Scalery Patches on arms and legs

Does anyone have this on there arms and legs it looks like an exema or dermantitis. it goes red and becomes very embrassing when people ask what it is. my current medical centre r unsure to tgreat especially with summer around the corner

I have this on my face… It has got much worse over the last few weeks… I have had both diagnoses by two different doctors, the last diagnoses is exema but the treatment hasn’t made any difference. It is actually scarring my face due to layers of skin dealing off on a daily basis. What does your doctors think yours is…?

can some one suggest what topical treatment would be good for this and hopefully i could get something of similar nature here ion nz

I usually use hydrocortozone cream but this time it didn’t work so have been advised to use it in conjunction with nizorel shampoo twice a week (lathered up and left on scaly patch for 5 minutes) i also put zerobase cream (liquid parafin) on daily… It’s a bit of trial and error as to what works for me and i still haven’t managed to get rid of it completely but it’s eased it…! I’m not sure if you can get any of those in NZ…!