Bright red raised bumps

My EM is focused mainly in my feet. For almost two years it has showed up as bright red patches that for the first year would fade as the flare would diminish. During the second year the red patches began to stay and not fade so my feet constantly looked as if they were sunburned. Suddenly within the last two weeks when I experience a flare my feet break out in tiny bright red raised bumps that cover what used to be covered in red patches. They are very painful and at times seem to itch but it is an internal itch.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced these bright red raised bumps. At this point mine are not going away. I use Lidoderm patches and the bumps are so raised that I have a hard time getting my patches to stick. I am worried that I could be allergic to the Lidoderm patches.

Any related info would be greatly appreciated. These bumps are driving my crazy..

Thanks so much. Tollie


To be honest I haven't heard of 'raised bumps' although my feet are covered in large patches, even if I'm not having a flare. The patches have spread so much that they are now going up my legs, plus I've now got it in my hands.

I understand what you are saying re 'internal itch', do they feel as though you have ants underneath your skin? It maybe that maybe you are allergic to the lidoderm. I've never tried the patches as my skin is in a bad way and also the skin on my heels has become very thing so I can't even put my feet on the mattress, so have a pillow in which I rest them without any pressure. Although I have the pillow, I'm worried that my calves is restricting blood flow so now I self medicate with half an Aspirin.

If I were you I would definitely go see your doctor. Sorry I turned your problem into mine too. Sometimes it's good to talk to someone who is in the same boat.

Thanks Tollie.

I think you may be describing petechiae, which I have as well, and the docs say it is related to erythromelalgia. You might want to google it to see if it sounds similar.

Hello Toll, sorry to hear your latest problem re the raised bumps. Sounds horribly painful (as if we need any more torment). Do they weep at all? I note that Kimberley mentions petechiae but they tend to be flat not raised. I have lots of pinpoint spots that join up to make large patches of dark red/brown looking skin. They also itch, but rubbing - not scratching - brings no relief and only makes the skin more sore. Maybe if you upload a photo someone might have the same problem and give you a clue as to what is causing them.

Sorry, can't help with the allergy possibility from Lidoderm patches., do you get any relief using them? Have you seen your doctor to ask about the bumps?

Hope you find an answer soon.