Second lidocaine infusion tomorrow

I am having the second of my lidocaine infusions tomorrow. I am hoping that I will be able to get to a slightly higher rate of infusion, so that I can get more benefit from it.

I posted on a discussion about the results of the infusion, as I promised to keep everyone updated. Basically, two days afterward, I started having a much later onset of my regular flares. Unfortunately on the Thursday evening, my flares were back. The lidocaine also helped relieve the pain I get constantly from nerve damage as a result of using ice packs to numb my feet (I know this was a bad idea but it was that or go insane). As this effect has also worn off, I am now in utter agony.

I am very nervous tonight, as I have a phobia of the cannulas they use to put a drip in. The thought that I'll have to have at least one tomorrow makes me feel physically sick. The drug is not without its dangers, some patients can suffer seizures. However, there are symtoms that precede this, such as tingling in the lips. My doctor said the problem is, that patients don't say that they're feeling this, as they're afraid of the infusion being stopped, and their only source of relief taken away. At the very least, there is a lot of advantage in having the neuropathic pain so many people with EM have relieved.

I shall blog again in a couple of days, as the infusion makes you very tired.

I hope it all goes smoothly and you manage to get some well deserved rest..! x

Thank you Laura, I'll hopefully get my 12 hours of snooze! L x

Just reading all your posts now.

I am deeply sorry and moved by your story and hope for good answers. You are in more advanced stafges than I am and I pray for releif for you.

At the moment I am self diagnosed and wonder in fact what I have.

My feet are burning moderately this morning. I am so used to it I don't notice many times.

I can do some walking then I have to get off my feet.

The stress of our sudden move to France with teenagers sent me on a turn for the worst..

I was making tremendous progress just prior by following an anti inflammatory diet for 18 months and was able to be on my feet 6 hrs a day at that time before running into problems. Amazing.

I do try to limit drugs but must take things at night that dont necessarily stop my pain enough.\

I do find taking Valerian root at the same time helps as I fall asleep even with the pain then.

I do find Yoga excellent if its a nurturing type.

I cannot ignore that for me my emotional distress can be inflammatory for my body so loving environments help me.