Survey results

Hi everyone,

I started this as a discussion just to be sure everyone would see it. I finished my survey a short while ago (100 people took part) and I’ve just finished the results :slight_smile: I posted them on my website and I thought you’d all be very interested in the results! Here’s the link:

Any questions let me know :slight_smile: I also have a new survey too, il write it in a blog post it’s a mini survey of people’s own tips and what they describe there EM as and what doctor they see etc, suff I missed out.

(((((((Lauren)))))))))))) Incredible work you beautiful girl.. . U r totally inspirational.!!!!!!!!!!! . This is exactly what we need ' proactiveness' - in order to better educate ourselves and the Medical world. Guys come on - research, share, inform, educate.

We are all so very proud of you Lauren.

God bless

mads x

Thank you for a job well done. I just read the whole site. You sure have a lot of percentages which is very interesting. Thanks again! I am going to send the link to my doctor.

Awww mads, thank you so much honey!! Your always so lovely, thank you :slight_smile: I do it for people like you! You make it worth while just for that comment, I’m glad your pleased with it!! Hope your doing okay as much as you can do mads, your in my thoughts often!! Big hugs xo

Thecatlady, thanks so much! Let me know if your doctor gets back to you. My full website is that was just the survey part I gave the link for! Just realised I hadn’t put anywhere to link back to the main site, oops! Thanks again for the positive feedback!! Greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Thank you Lauren!
That was very interesting. I am always trying to see patterns in EM. Just a desperate attempt to figure it out! I really appreciate all of your hard work. Take care,

OMG !!! What a great job!!! WELL DONE!!! How very thoughtful and helpful, I hadn’t realized there was a survey going on but I did read it last night and found it so very helpful and insightful… Cannot thank you enough for taking the time to do this, it will surely be an important reference for me and hopefully my doctors!!! Thank you for this gift… God bless !