Surviving the sun and heat

What is the best way to protect my face from the EM enhanced burn of the sun? I almost always use spf 100 when in the sun for longer than 10 minutes, but this doesn’t stop the searing EM pain when in intense heat or have sun exposure. Any hints on surviving a trip to the beach? I have to be able to be outside near the ocean-it restores my soul!! It’s been too long. Suggestions welcome, please :slight_smile:
Thank you and God bless,

I am sorry Jenny. I can only suggest not going in the sun and I know that won't work for you.

Maybe you can try bringing an umbrella to sit under? Water bottle to spritz your self with? Big hat? These are just theories I myself would be in too much pain just dreaming of such a venture! I don't know how you tolerate it at all but I hope you find something that helps you to be able to go. I just thought of it! How about early morning as the sun is coming up and just getting out of dodge before the real heat sets in! Sometimes it's sad to say we can't do what we want straight up anymore but with some creativity and compromise like an early morning beach trip we can still enjoy some of the same things we used to enjoy. Just think....You should have the beach to yourself!!!!!

I hope you find something that works for you. I am glad you haven't given up on trying to do the things you enjoy. Just be careful and just go home if you have to.

Have fun!