Testing for reactive hyperemia?


I’m sorry for the basic question, but I have read about the theory for EM about arteriovenous shunting … and was wondering if there was a way to test specifically if you have this going on? Or any way to deduce whether you have this going on based on outcomes of trialled meds.

I can see that a vasodilator drug might help if you have the shunting. However I can also see the possibility of a vasodilator causing the rest of the body to “take up” most of the blood, and thereby exacerbating the problem.

Conversely I can see how a vasoconstrictor drug might help if you don’t have the reactive hyperemia. However a vasoconstrictor might overly constrict the rest of the body’s blood vessels, sending more blood to where you don’t want it.

So maybe this is a moot question, but I still think info is power.

Some ppl have peeling of skin after flares – is this due to the tissue hypoxia? Is there a way to measure O2 in affected areas between + during flares?

Thank you

What about a pulse oximeter? My friend is a respiratory therapist says the ones at Walmart are pretty accurate believe it or not… Can be used on toes, fingers, earlobe… Or are you thinking of something more specific?

Interesting, thanks for the reply! I was literally just looking into pulse oximeters today :slight_smile: