Toe nails

Hello, just saw question about toe nails. I have the same problem with all my nails. Layers of skin under the nails. Sometimes I get sharp pain under my big toe nails. My dermatologist took sample and checked for fungus. It took about 2 1/2 months to finally get the answer that it is not fungus. A podiatrist I went to recently told me that diabetics also have this problem because of circulation problems. She recommended filing the big toes each week as I could get ingrown nails as they curve more now and dig into the skin. I have to be careful not to cut my nails too short as it is very painful until they grow again. Hope this helps slight_smile:

Hi there. I have the same problem with my toe nails. Only my big toes so far, one came of altogether, as you said nothing wrong with the nail as they are very hard, just loosen underneath. The other one is half now, had to cut the other half. seems like the other toes starting to do the same.

My problem is similar but different with my toenails, they are very thick and difficult to cut (have to use what I call industrial clippers lol) but I have not noticed any dry skin layers under them. However my toenails have horizontal ridges in them, something my gp pointed out when going to see him when trying to get diagnosed.

Hi,I’m from Edinburgh,Scotland and have erythro secondary to 36 years diagnosed with M.S. I first developed this after a MS flare four years ago and do not have burning flares, my feet and legs to the knee just either burn or freeze alternate legs all the time if the temperature is above 60 degrees fahrenheit. If I soak my feet for 15 minutes in very cold water,(feet covered in plastic bags, they can sometimes cool for a few hours. I have both dry and flaking nail problems and have lost the sides of two toes recently, one the large one, the other the second toe. It seems to be caused by the intense heat from erythro drying out the nails. Although it looks like fungal nail infection, it has been treated for that twice with no change whatsoever. I try to leave my toes bare, by cutting off the toes of my socks which I wet all the time to cool my foot/feet after covering my feet with thick zinc and castor oil or vaseline to protect my skin. I use a fan all day and night so my legs, feet and toes must be covered in menthol cream too always and I put talcum between my toes to prevent athletes foot. a district nurse has been for months attending twice weekly to cracked and weeping skin on my ankle from water blisters that burst. We are so blessed in the UK to have this care. I can only wear sandals even in winter.

I have come to realize that I believe that the cooling part and fans has kept the fungus active for whatever reason and since I started doing Bob’s Protocol in December, the last two months, no fungus at all !!! Nails are softer and not as hard. They look good. However, I do think that Bob’s Protocol has helped with the fungus and no I have no explanation of it. Except I had the fungus for almost two years and used prescription cream, etc. and nothing helped it. They wouldn’t give me the pill as it was too risky for me. Fast forward and everything has improved including that! I feel more comfortable now going out in flip flops having better looking nails.

Hi glad the bobs protocol is working and nails are looking better I have been interested in trying the protocol
How are the flare and is it really hard to do thanks

I used to play football and our physio used to make us all use vics vapour rub on our toe nails every night.
Look at the improvement in your nails in a few weeks.
It also gets rid of fungas but you have to use it every day.
It’s a fantastic remedy.

My big toe left foot has what looks like fungus infection. Since I have been clipping it back trying to get rid of the fungus, the nail is almost non-existent now… I had a bad injury to the toe about 45 years ago, but the doctor put it together again very well. I always wore toenail polish until about 5 years ago… It was so ugly without polish! Then it began lifting from the toe, so I started clipping it off. I am diabetic now and maybe that is why the fungus is taking off so quickly… I think I’ll make an appmt with a dermatologist now… Wondering if he will have to remove the toenail completely… I am afraid of infection and possible amputation next! Any comments? Help? Suggestions?