Using Aspirin to calm EM pain

Been using 81 mg of aspirin seems to give me relief for a 1 - 4 hours.

Been able to run around the track and play basketball for awhile for the first

week. (lost 2 pounds in the first week) :D

I ll try taking 2 baby aspirins if things gets worst.

Thank you all for the advice.

Do you have a "known cause" of your EM (like polycythemia vera or MDS)? I'm just curious because I've read that aspirin typically only helps those with a "known" cause, therefore I've never tried using it since I don't have anything like that. I'd totally be down for trying something if it seems to work in other idiopathic cases! I just never have tried!

Yay for your success! :)

I dont have PV or MDS.

But I havent done any test for them.