Using BEMER to help with EM

I’m newly diagnosed with EM. My rheumatologist came up with the diagnosis, but says she is “not an expert.” She has me on 325 mg of aspirin daily. She also prescribed Gabapentin which after reading posts here I am afraid to take. My symptoms are red toes after exercise and much discomfort, especially in a warm environment. I wouldn’t call it pain at this point. I have a BEMER which is a PEMF device. I have used it for almost a year and it has helped me with hypothyroidism and other problems I have. I’m wondering if anyone has successfully used the BEMER for EM symptoms, and how you used it. I’m glad to be in this forum, and look forward to hearing from other members!

I have found gabapentin quite helpful, but on a low dose up to about 600mg per day

Thank you, seekinghelp. My dose to start would be 300mg at night. I am still deciding whether to try it. Your experience shows me that it would probably be okay to start low like this.

I used to take a full aspirin and I am on Gabapentin for my MS. Dr increased me from 600mgs daily to 900mgs. I have lots of MS problems and now the Erythromelalgia for about 3-4 years. Cardiologist cut the aspirin down to 1 to 2 baby aspirin a day. This combo helps me. Good luck!

Thanks, Ann, for sharing your experience. I am first trying a supplement suggested by my homeopathic doctor. I’ll see how that goes before trying Gabapentin.