What can they offer?

I found out today I being referred to a dermatologist, the referral has been requested by my rheumatologist. What I was wondering is? What can a dermatologist offer that vein specialist a neurologist a rheumatologist and GP can’t ? I do know for sure that all these consultants need to communicate with each other.

Perhaps they are still trying to do a differential diagnosis? I was looking over your page and saw that you've been told to take aspirin to thin your blood. What is your current hematocrit percentage?

Hiya CarterDK thanks for the reply to be honest I don’t know much about anything in my blood work. I haven’t looked or asked as only just come to terms with the fact I have EM. I was in luck when seeing my rheumatologist as I started with a leg flare he looked rather shocked to see them looking so aggressive . He just said he would speak to dermatology but I have a appointment. None of my doctors know much them selfs, they having to research also

At your next appointment, you should inquire about your hematocrit percentage. The normal range for a woman is 36-44%. Hematocrit is the percentage of blood that is red blood cells. As an anti-coagulant, aspirin helps thin the blood. However, a more effective way to thin the blood can be to simply remove blood. I benefited from a phlebotomy and my hematocrit was barely out of range. If yours is even just on the high side of normal, it's something to consider.

lMy view is that specialist knowledge is greater where frequency is more regular i.e.. "traffic is heavier through the clinics" for a particular condition. Where I am, clinical rheumatologists work closely with the top line dermatologists

At the present time, I 'm finding stress is fuelling my EM to the extent that I can't think of putting on my compression stockings. My legs and feet are burning 24/7. I have been applying Boots' hot weather spray which is useful but due to increased lack of mobility I have not been able to replace and have run out.

Additionally and newly, FATIGUE has taken over with headaches and lack of cognition lack of sleep, and mild nausea yet I can't get an appointment from anyone. My GP IS NOT AU FAIT WITH EM and it's associative problems The latter is the case because this is a densely populated area but EM is rare. So there are many demands but not pertaining to EM.