What exactlly is happening when you get a flare-up?

One minute everything is fine and another my toes and 1/2 my foot/feet will get red, swollen and burn. So the question is, what exactly is taking place in the small area of my body to cause the redness/burn/pain? I read somewhere that there is a rush of blood to the area, engorgement. That would make sense to the redness, heat and I assume this engorgement of blood effects the small nerve fibers which is the pain part, this is just me assuming though, does anyone know the science behind this? I know we all have no clue as to why we may have this disease but the end result for most of us is the same, the redness/burn/pain during a flareup..

Your guess is as good as mine!

I too assume all of the pain involved is the swelling not just of the skin but of the blood vessels themselves pushing on the surrounding nerves. I will keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone else might know. I wish I could be of more help!

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Thanks, this really helps me do more research. I found this link below which explains it. Also I found that Primary erythromelalgia is a rare disorder are normally young (before 25 years old) when the symtpoms start – the average age being 10 years. So for me I assume I have secondary EM. I started getting the burning when I was around 44 or so.. I cant find the link I was looking at earlier, I think I saved it though on my other computer but there was a differed in the primary and secondary.. I plan on finding a cure through my research. Its like a puzzle, taking little bits and pieces of research and coming up with a solution or at the very least controlling the pain.

Very good read: