Who want to experiment mindfulness with me?

" Mindfulness meditation has been shown in clinical trials to reduce chronic pain by 57 percent. Accomplished meditators can reduce it by over 90 percent."

By reading this, I told myself that considering the overall safety of this practice, it was worth the try! But it is not only simple, I excuse the lack of time, etc. It's been six months that I want to try scientifically. That starts with me? The program: reserve one hour a day in two to make mindfulness: a body scan and a half hour of concentration on breathing. Our pain was evaluated after 1, 2, etc. weeks.

Who is with me ???

Hi Carine, it's great that you want to try mindfulness. I know many people who get great benefit from the practice.

For anyone who may be put off by the time committment, the Frantic World website have mindfulness meditations that are only a few minutes long ... and this doesn't seem to detract from the benefits. Check them out at http://franticworld.com/

This is an important topic. I have been practicing mindfulness almost constantly during my daily life. Not a disciplined practice, but just to experience and enjoy life wherever I am. It is simple to describe, and easy for me to say. For me, it is to focus my senses on something, anything, in the world around me without any attention to thoughts, naming of things, or judging. One is in total acceptance; no resistance, to trying to separate one's self from anything. Then one is in their inherent state of peace, contentment, unconditional love (which is total acceptance). Everything in the world is seen as beautiful, and connected in unity.

I became afflicted with a burning foot nine months ago. Also sharp jabbing pains. Doctors diagnosed it as peripheral neuropathy, and complex regional pain syndrome (RSD). My foot became red and blotchy when lowered to the ground, and more painful. It became warm, and a vascular doctor agreed that there was blood filling the skin capillaries. This sounds to me more like EM, as CRPS usually has cold feet, that want to be kept warm, and begins from an injury, which I didn't have. However, my case has some differences from typical EM. My foot gets more painful in cold water, and warm water. It is most comfortable in water at 80 degrees.

I have been studying my pain with mindfulness, and found I became more aware of the pain. However, I had more of the sense that it was not happening to my essential self, but to my body, which I was experiencing. In this way, the pain has not affected my peace of mind, or happiness. The problem and its pain has not gone away, in fact, it has intensified in the last month or two, and is trying to spread up my leg to the knee, and some symptoms are showing up in the left foot. I can not walk more than a few steps on the right foot, and my mobility has been seriously impaired. I feel this is a challenge to me, to maintain my positive attitude and disposition no matter what comes of this. I do not feel sorry for myself, but am grateful for a wonderful life full of challenges and learning. I love to be with people and inspire them, If I can. I am involved with spiritual groups and have contributed to them from my knowledge.

Check out Youtube videos on mindfulness and meditations. There is much good info there. You can learn mindfulness easily. It is not a discipline; enjoy it! Don't be concerned about time. Just take your time. Be at peace, despite anything! It may take some time to quiet the mind, and begin to enjoy the peace and beauty, but stay with it! You won't regret it, and there are no negative side effects!