Wi-Fi and Electromagnetic field

Hello everybody, my son at age 11 developed itchy, red and then painful burning feet a couple of months ago. Sometimes his toes and feet are very cold, though, especially at night. His flare ups are mostly on vinyl flooring, he seems to be fine on carpet. Also, he is fine sitting or laying down on carpet or even laying down of vinyl but his feet can’t dangle. He loves playing his video games and was wondering if anybody have issues around electrical devices? Wi-Fi or EMF’s? Thanks Oli


In my case, the vinyl floor would help me and the rug will set me off. I have em and Reynauds. If I’m red the floor gets it back to normal color as the floor is cold and my feet are hot and red. But if Reynauds is acting up then my feet will be ice cold and blue and purple. It’s very hard to maintain temperature between the two.thete is a disease and I’m forgetting the name… But it has to do with people getting sick from electronics. Face hot burning, dizzy, nausea etc etc. Actually I read that there is a town made that has no WiFi etc no radio waves, television, basically like the old days. The people who lived there had the disease and are totally better. I have had similar experiences with computers. Burning face, migraines, feeling sick.

Thank you for taking time to reply. I am convinced now that the kids’ electronics have something to do with this to come out. Now my second son was showing me his red toes and said it was itchy at school on and off when he was on his feet. The only thing these two have in common is that they are both big time gamers and spend a lot of time playing on XBox and computer and both had the power outlet with the power bar right by their feet with the big black box for both the monitor, game console, TV and the computer right by their feet. I bought filters for every single outlet to filter out the “dirty electricity” from the power lines, will cancel Wi-Fi and going back to wired internet and will not be using a cell phone that’s for sure. Also, we found a Tbsp Magnesium supplement seems to help with his symptoms, mostly for his itchy feet. I will sure let the forum know if we will find relief in their symptoms by limiting EMF exposure and sitting further away from power outlets and the smart meter. I forgot to say that our smart meter is right by their feet on the outside wall. That can’t be good. Thanks again for your time!