Zoloft / Sertraline for EM

Howdy all,

I have EM secondary to a systemic autoimmune disease (which is exactly what doctors call it-- they can't pinpoint a specific name for it). My EM tends to flare with heat and stress. My rheumatologists want me to try sertraline (aka Zoloft) for the EM (aspirin and propranolol have not worked).

Has anyone here used sertraline/Zoloft for EM, specifically? If you have, I would love to hear your experiences: effectiveness, side-effects, etc.


Hi, I haven't tried it for EM but know alot of people are prescribed it for Fibromyalgia pain. I always research any new medication before taking it. Hopefully you will get some answers, but remember what works for one won't neccessarily work for another. good luck

So I am cautiously optimistic-- I've been on a low dose of the sertraline (25mg/day) for about five days, and the last two days, I have not had a flare, even with the warmer weather (I usually have flares multiple times a day). I feel like it's too good to be true that I may be lucky enough that this one little pill can do so much good for me. Fingers crossed...