A new kind of pain

I have EM in both feet and am unable to stand/walk. Last night I had a strange symptom that I never had before. I was getting a stabbing intermittent pain every 2 or 3 minutes in my right big toe/bunion area. It was so severe that I cried out every time it hit. In the past I have not had bunion problems. It lasted most of the night. I don’t have the pain today just the “normal” EM pain. I thought it might be gout but I don’t have a high uric acid level and my diet is low in purines. Nor do I have a history of gout. Has anyone else experienced this as part of their EM?

Sorry to hear about your sharp pains. I also have experienced some but only for a brief time and not for an extended time. In my case I massaged my feet and probably got up and walked a little. I see you are unable to walk, maybe try massaging around that area.
I just think it is the nerves giving some sort of warning but maybe not a big deal. I see you have had gabapentum but I found pregabolin ( Lyrica ) better.
All the best.

I have had a similar pain, usually in my toe area. It’s a stabbing pain, rather needle like, and I can’t imagine having it go on all night! I always try to relieve it by putting my weight on it or pressing the area. I can’t reach my feet (have had my hips replaced a few months ago) so I find some way to press against the hurting site.

I too have this when my foot temp is high (left foot only). Extra compounded cream (Amitriptyline Ketamine and Lidocaine) tamps it down.

I had that intense stabbing and throbbing pain once. I went to the emergency room, and it turned out not to be related to my erythromelalgia. An x-ray showed a broken bone spur, which was caused by osteoarthritis in my big toe joint. This was the first I knew I had arthritis.

OMG - I have this! I’ve had EM in both feet for a few years, but this started a few weeks ago – an excruciating, stabbing pain in the base of big toe/ball of my left foot whenever it gets too hot with EM. Especially triggered if I try to cool the foot down at all. It hurts soooo bad for 15-20 minutes, then my foot turns from the usual angry red to blue (!!!) and it gradually fades, leaving that toe tender and too bruised-feeling to walk on. Nothing touches the pain except hydrocodone, it’s that bad. It even made me cry :sob: I’m seeing a new neurologist this week to try to get some help.