My left foot!

There is something terrible going on with just my left foot at this time. I was dx with EM about 7 months ago. I have been on methadone and morphine for years for chronic pain.

It is really weird, it feels very heavy, no feeling on top of the foot, but when I press on it, I get horrible pain. Very hard to describe and certainly have done a poor job of it, but if anyone can relate somewhat to this, please let me know. I don't know what kind of Dr. to see with it, seeing Foot dr. on Monday which I am sure will be a waste of time if it is neuroligal. I have not seen a neurologist, what if anything can they actually do for EM. Been seeing pain mgt for many years for FM. Currently taking 900 mgs of Neurotin as well as a coctail of other pain meds. So, really who should I see for my foot before I chop it off. Bobbie Oh yeah, sorry for the spelling!

I too have EM dx about six months ago. My pain was so bad that I had to soak my feet in cool water nearly 24 hrs a day. I am currently on 3600 mgs of neurotin a day along with a coctail of other drugs. Nothing seemed to be doing the job until my neurologist prescribed tegratol. Three weeks later my foot pain was gone! Most docs have never seen EM, let alone treat it. Best of luck!

Podiatrist is probably the starting point as this problem could be a bone spur (arthritis related) as these can be very painful--wish you the best sir. I am a much better plumber than physcian.

Bobby..hi, it's Paula...

Both of my feet get like that and I have to keep them cool in front of a fan, and elevated. Can't wear shoes until it settles down

Check with your doctor but I started to take regular aspirin every 4 hours around the clock and got considerable relief. Has something to do with the prostaglandins. And go easy on the meat. Especially red meat.

Let me know. Paula


My feet feel like that too, and I say feet because normally it has been my right foot. Now my left foot has started in and I will prob cut it off myself, Just kidding, but it hurts so bad! It actually feels crushed when the pain comes. I am on steroids now. They were working but ran out today so dr called in a script for more and it's too late in the day to take them. I'll be up all night. So in the morning I have 5 waiting on me. 25 milligrams but they are 5 tabs so I have to take 5 at a time.