Abdominal pain and EM

I have ended up in 2 emergency rooms in the last two weeks following sudden onset of severe abd pain that wraps to my back. I have had ultrasounds, labs, CT scans, and besides unchanged problems in the GI tract, the doc is assuming there is some abnormal neuro-muscular activation. Has anyone else had something like this? I am wondering if it is a variant on the erratic functioning of the nerves.

Have you found any medication that help your EM? I take feverfew and cyproheptadine which are common migraine medications. My sister has raynauds and irritable bowel syndrome and she started taking feverfew and it helped both. If your EM has migraine like properties, your EM could be connected to the abdominal pain which could be severe IBS.

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure what “migraine like properties” are? How much feverfew, and in what form: capsules, teas?

I have EM in my feet and I have trying a gluten free, MSG free diet and I think it has helped alot! I decided to try for 4 months to see if it made a difference, because trying it for one month did not seem to help. After four months I ate some food with gluten a few times and it gave me serious stomach pain. I seem to be having more good days and better sleep without MSG or gluten. MSG is in much of our food, often labelled as “Natural flavoring” or enzymes. I have a list of all the ways it is hidden in our food. MSG is involved in Neurotransmission, which involves how our bodies feel pain. Some say it is a neurotoxin. We need a little, but we get way too much.
I also avoid salt and sugar and processed food that have lots of preservatives. I think all of this helps me to keep my daily and nightly flares almost manageable. Lyrica also helps alot.

Dr. Cohen talked about it a lot how EM and migraines can actually be one in the same. Much like how EM can stem from blood vessel contractions and dilation, IBS can stem from the same thing and cause contractions in the intestinal tract causing pain in the abdomen area.

Here is a good post that covers his thoughts on the correlation to migraines. Dr. Jay Cohen - EM Resource

I have bad regular EM flares in hands and feet, and recently cut out all grains, starches, sugars and caffeine; and the improvement is HUGE. Caffeine is a definite trigger, and last night after eating potato and turnip I had excruciating pains from my abdomen to chest for 9 hours! My migraines have also reduced significantly as well. The improvement happened quickly too. I hope this helps. Keeping a food journal is really helpful.

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Such good ideas. Thanks!!

I am curious to learn more about your findings. I try to eat as clean as possible. I am prescribed Lyrica as well to take three x daily. However I still have flare ups almost nightly in my feet mostly but sometimes my hands as well. Where can I find this list that you mentioned, or could you send it to me. Looking into anything that my help lessen the flares. Thanks

I’m not sure what list you are referring to…

A friend sent me this email with lots of info about MsG:
“ I have found it fascinating to learn more about the MSG (glutamate) problem. I have listened quite a few youtubes and thought I’d pass on a couple of them that I thought were good. One is of Dr. Russell Blaylock, who is a retired neurosurgeon and is trying to get the word out there about the problem. He seems to be a strong Christian which is refreshing! The food companies have evidently been deceiving with their labeling so there are lots of names of ingredients that have MSG in them that we are not being told about.

The link to one of Dr. Blaylock’s youtube lectures is… https://youtu.be/tTSvlGniHok I have looked at youtubes of Dr. Katherine Reid, a biochemist, and she has quite an extensive list on her website of the ingredients that contain MSG.”
(I will send a copy in a separate email.)

Here are links to a couple of Dr. Reid’s youtubes …
This one is a brief summary….

From MaryM:
I can’t get my PDF of the ingredients list of things containing MSG to copy into this. I will be glad to email it to you if you’d like tosend me your email address.

yes I would like to see it. ■■■■

Sorry that It has taken so long to respond back. I would very much like to see your list. Here is my email ■■■■