Digestive issues

I’m experiencing digestive issues, mostly abnormal frequency as well as flatulences.
I wonder if any of you is experiencing these symptoms and if you think they might be correlated to worsening of other classical symptoms.
Thanks for your inputs!

@Alv Hello, I’m having digestion problems also. I’m mostly constipated and bloated, with occasional episodes of diarrhea. I have never had any digestive problems before EM.
I think that medications we take (pain and
sleep medication, antidepressants, IV lidocaine, NSAID, Lyrica…) impact and, numb all nerves in our body to relief the pain, including those of our digestive system , because of that, metabolism slows down, our stomach and gut flora gets out of balance and the vicious cycle begins. Lack of exercise, sleep and stress are not gut friendly either . My advice is to drink a lot of water, put more fibers in your diet with fruits (low sugar) and vegetables, add flax seed, avoid eating lots of carbs in the evening. Get some good quality probiotics to restore your gut flora. Have you gained or lost any weight?
I don’t think this symptoms are EM worsening connected, but I am not a doctor. Even if I were, I wouldn’t know lol

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Hello Alv,

You might want to see a Gastroenterologist and get an Endoscopy/Colonoscopy, I turned out having Crohn’s Disease. I have it and other autoimmune diseases that have contributed to my EM.


Hello Alv. I have the same issues, sounds so familiar. I am not a dr or can claim any medical knowledge but think it can be that you also have SFN together with the EM. Lots of EM patients also have SFN. Perhaps look it up on internet and ask your dr about it, one of the symptoms of SFN is digestion problems. I most definitely think the meds can aggravate it as well, they are not friendly on the system.

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Thanks a lot to both of you for your feedback.
Frosti, I understand you mean Small Fiber Neuropathy, is that correct?
Thanks again!

Could you please elaborate on SFN?

herdfan I am not a dr nor have any medical background but I can quote from internet site: “In some cases, small fiber neuropathy disrupts autonomic functions. Autonomic functions are things your body does automatically, such as regulating digestion, blood pressure, and urinary function.” Peripheral Neuropathy affect only the nerves in the extremities where SFN affect the fine nerves throughout your body. Much more difficult to test for it. You can look on internet, there is numerous sites to give you more information.
The best will be to ask your dr about it.

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