Functional Medicine

Hi guys, Happy new year to all, I have been of the radar for quite a while now “long story” but in my absence my friend has told me a lot about Functional Medicine and how they treat the underlying cause of a disease and not the symptoms. I have done quite a lot research myself and it looks quite promising. There is tons of great stuff online regarding Functional Medicine and its success with treating a whole host of chronic diseases, however there is no mention of EM but I’m wondering if any of you guys have heard of Functional Medicine or even tried their approach.

Hey Micky - Yes, I'm a big fan of functional medicine. I'd recommend reading Dr. Amy Myers's Autoimmune Solution

Hi Micky! I am a nurse practitioner with a diagnosis of EM. I found functional medicine to be very helpful- the dietary changes, curcumin, fish oil, etc took me from constant flares to intermittent flares. Unfortunately, my functional medicine provider wasn’t able to get to my root cause which is what functional medicine aims to do. Through research I figured out I had something called Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) due to living in a home with water damage (a leak). Once that was treated, my EM has almost resolved. I now sleep with bedsheets over my feet and enjoy hot baths. As a functional medicine practitioner myself, I must say I think EM is hard one for functional medicine providers without much EM knowledge. They do things to lower inflammation, but since root causes for EM are poorly understood, there was only so far they could take me given their practice model. I am hoping to study EM and CIRS in the near future to see if a link exists between the two for others. It is my belief that the massive inflammation from CIRS pulled the trigger on the propensity I always had for EM. It is my hope to continue to learn about and research root causes in hopes of helping others resolve EM.
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FWIW, I spent over $6000 consulting with Dr. Darren Schmidt (can find his vids on youtube). He wasn’t able to help with my EM or chronic fatigue at all – although he did help with my allergies (just take Cal Amo and save $6000 I had to spend to find this out).