Symptoms greatly improved~ trying to tease out reasons

Hi all,

I've been experiencing a really significant improvement for about 3 weeks now. Background is that I was just diagnosed in October though have had symptoms both of flares and swelling for 7-8 years, though NEVER so bad as this past winter. I was to the point of not being able to wear shoes due to swollen toes, tons of neuropathy, spending all evening in bed, showers were unthinkable, etc. My doc thinks it is primary and I've had raynauds forever. I can recall what I now know was an EM flare when I was around 11.

Anyways, two main possibilities for improvement.

1) Went on 10 mg zyrtec (certerizine) + 25 mg zoloft. My nueropathy was immediately better though my flares continued and even worsened for a couple of weeks.

2) Weather warmed up. I suspect this is the real reason. I think my EM may be just my body over-reacting/protecting itself from raynauds. We've had a couple of chillier nights here recently and I woke up to swollen toes and tingling feet. However, I haven't gotten trapped in the cycle of swelling/burning flares.

I also do a lot of yoga and meditation. I've amped up recently but not sure if that is a chicken or egg situation (i.e. I can ramp up because my pain level is tolerable).

Just thought I'd share. Am cautiously optimistic regarding truly warm weather and summertime. With three young kiddos, sure would be nice to run around with them! I do worry about my 3yo daughter, whom frequently tells me her feet are buzzing as she rips off her socks and shoes:~(.

I don't need to tell you how scary chronic pain can be...I'm wishing us all some element of healing!

I’m so glad you have gotten some relief. I hope it continues for you. I know some have it worse in winter while others are worse in the summer such as myself. I hope that isn’t the case and it’s the meds , the yoga or both! I hope your daughter doesn’t have this too. That would be heartbreaking knowing just what it is like yourself.
Thank you for the kind thoughts in wishing us all some element of healing :slight_smile:

I'm like you Dorothy, significantly better in Summer, but our UK Summers are not the kind of baking hot Summers you can get in US or Australia.

My youngest child, adopted so we don't share genes or EM, hated being made to wear socks and shoes as a child and took them off as soon as she was home from school and loved to dance barefoot on the wet grass when it rained. I hope your little girl's buzzing feet are just a small child thing and won't prove to be early EM.

I also take cetirizine, mostly to deal (not very well) with the heat rash I get with flares but I think it also slightly reduces the severity of flares. The only med which ever helped significantly with swelling and pain was aspirin which I am no longer taking because I am now on blood thinners.

I hope it is the yoga and meditation which are helping since they are good for you on so many levels.