Any positive stories? Seen any improvement?

I know when people get better they leave this group. However I am only looking for positive stories.

How many of you have seen an improvement In your EM over the years? Or even a remission?

Just this please. I know some of you it has gotten worse but I just would like to maybe the very few who have gotten better. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have finally found great relief. I recently added to the cyproheptadine aspirin and magnesium. I take 650 mgs aspirin and magnesium plus protein (containing magnesium oxide & amino acid chelate). It seems to absorb very well. I can now wear tennis shoes with socks and walk for 30 minutes with minimal discomfort. I let my feet cool naturally which sometimes takes 20-30 minutes but the burning is not unbearable. I’ve also mostly stopped flaring at night. I hope this is helpful to many of you. Blessings to all.

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wow, that’s great. Did you get worse before better when you added the magnesium?

No I didn’t. But I tried alpha lipoic acid and it made me worse.

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Magnesium and alpha lipoic acid are both calcium channel blockers so that is strange that one helps and the other makes you worse.

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I know that is odd But each tome I took it flaring was much worse the following day. I thought how can it even effect me that quickly but it did.

Serotonin based EM seems to respond within hours to treatments that either worsen or benefit it. I don’t know about you but I noticed a difference within one dose of taking my cyproheptadine last September. Another supplement you might want to look into is feverfew. I find it helps me much more than cyproheptadine.

What about the Bob Protocol? Anyone tried it out? :slight_smile:

I think you’ve brought Bob’s protocol up a few times - have you tried it yourself? best.

I don’t think mine is a positive story but I thought I will share, it’s somewhat of a remission or rare flare? For a couple years my toes itched like crazy a few times but stopped after a couple days so I never really paid attention. Then 2 years ago I moved to the US (San Diego to be specific) which has the best weather around here and I had a crazy flare for weeks around winter time, it was so itchy and painful, swollen like bee stung, tender, sensitive… it was so bad. That’s when I found this group.
Anyway mine went away until a few days ago (just moved to Iowa). I’m still trying to figure out if I have chilblains or EM, or both…
I hope we all find relief soon.