After 14 years I finally feel such wonderful relief

I have had EM for 13-14 years now along with heart faiure and some issues with kydney problems due to so many diuretics for my heart. The EM has also been a factor in my feet and legs swelling so much. I have had my feet and legs go up and down so much that my skin has become thinner. As a result I have gotten cellulitis and been hospitalized (7 times in 2011).

Dr. Cohen a member of another EM site who I think is on the Board of Directors had EM and was bedridden for 3 years. He finally started taking Magnesium but it was magnesium that I was not familiar with purchasing. He is now in remission and doing well. I have been on Gabapentin and Effexor) still am but.......I talked with my doctor and she finally said okay since the pain was intolerable and now in my hands. I was a prisoner in my own home (so I felt) a new home at that and it meant nothing to me. I could not enjoy life anymore and haven't for many years. I took disability 5 years ago and finally my husand (at the age of 67) retired. He couldn't retire because he was my only source of insurance. Talk about for better or for worse (45 years of marriage this year). He takes such good and loving care of me. I can't thank God enough for him. The rest of my family is supportive also. But, Bill is my rock.

I started taking 500mg. of Magnesium ( my husband checked with pharmacist on which brand). I have been on it for 4 weeks now and feel like I have been given my life back. Oh, I still have pain but NOTHING, NOTHING to compare. I went to my granddaughters 8th grade play, her honors program and Junior High graduation. I thank God continuously for the many blessings in my life. I never thought I would be so happy to go to the grocery store (in a cart). I hope this will be helpful to many people

God bless,


Thank you, I started taking magnesium about 2 weeks ago (500 mg), but haven't really noticed a difference yet. I will have to check the ingredients to see if it contains any of the things you listed. Since the Nature's Bounty is working for you, I will definitely purchase that brand...we do have Walgreen's in Pittsburgh. I pray you continue to improve.

Very happy for you Kathleen.

I shall definitely try that. I'm only taking Amiltryptline 200 mgs, it has helped slightly with the pain but not the flare.

When I was first diagnosed with Em, the Consultant (Rheumatology), I was prescribed Naproxen but only gave me severe reflux.

Kathleenlynn, it's wonderful that your pain has been reduced by the magnesium supplements in addition to the other drugs. It makes such a difference when you are able to get out and about, even if you are still in pain. Magnesium doesn't help everyone, from what I remember of its properties, it would only be of possible help to those with vasoconstricting EM.

I hope your pain continues to reduce, please keep us updated.