Hypnotherapy in EM

Hi Guys,

Heres another interesting perspective on managing EM symptoms. See attachment downloaded .

What does everyone think about the role of hypnotherapy?

Anyone tried it?

As the proverbial guinea pig ill give anything a go LMAO!

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374-Roleofhypnotherapyinem.pdf (346 KB)

That sounds like a plan - let us know how it works out. I have been trying to *hypnotize* myself, but I only fall asleep trying to do that and when I wake up nothing is changed.

Good luck

Thank you Mads! Where ever do you find such great information? When ever I do a search on the web I always find the same research papers I have already read. I watched a program recently on the discovery channel about hypnosis for pain relief and my interest was piqued but actual information on it being used successfully with an EM patient it amazing! Take care,

I am trying Traditional Chinese Medicine (quack medicine). Yes, leave no rock unturned. Jim

Sounds good! Are you going to try it? Do you go to a special hypnotist? Keep us posted.

Pat in NH


I am so excited than my EM flares are reducing and disappearing I have finally sat down to share this information.

I have also copied this to one or two other blogs sorry.

Here is my recent post.

My sister, Valerie, has a very bad condition of EM with extra complications for over 15 yrs now and it seams that another sister and I have been battling for 5 to 7 yrs now. I have been keeping it less troubling than my sisters through diet but with the move to France I ate all the normal french things and have gone into a huge decline, I had break outs in massive excemma, my feet became unbearable even with heavy pain meds, I seam to have sensitivity to sugar and have a lot of red flushing if I drink wine or sugar. We may not all have exactly the same problems.

My sisters and I We each live far from each other and have different approaches.

My two sisters have been taking lyrica and lots of other stuff. One is a junk food lover the other very balanced eater. Valerie, who has been 15yrs with it, moved to a wheel chair many years ago and gets herself to the swimming pool a lot. She is lucky that the pool she goes to has minimal chlorine and is salt water mainly (because I break out in rashes when I try to go 5 times a week like her). She mainly does treading water in the deep end and is now up to spending over an hour in the pool. We lived in Australia many years and now they live in Canada and after 12 yrs in the USA I live in France now.

I have also the EM very clearly last summer and fall. I am going through a great period right now where I think it is CLEARING UP!!. I am doing many things to help. Deep breathing excercises (pranayama Yoga, Needing an expert to privately teach you if group classes don't work. Also some good u tube videos.In fact I have decided to become a teacher as it is helping me so much.) I am eating all evening meals vegetarian with legumes and mainly animal proteins at lunch (vegetables improve blood alcalinity and that helps fight disease). I am trying to eat several forms of probiotics, a capsule, soya yogurt (this is as of 1 month they told be I had a very bad immune system).

My big problems started 7 yrs ago when I had a terrible sinusitus and this required several months of antibiotic treatment!!!. I did not know at the time that I was supposed to re establish a healthy stomach flora (known as your immune system). Since then my feet and other problems got worse and worse. Plantar facciitis turned into EM plus more...

Recently I found a doctor willing to do deeper tests and I showed her the photos of my feet and the EM photos from this site. Here in France she is a general practictioner doing homeopathy. In any case I had some immune systeme blood work she ordered for me that was not covered by insurance but showed high levels in my blood of dangerous bacterias (mononucleosis, past, and micoplasma pulmonary) and not enough of good bacteria. I am taking her prescritions methodically and no longer have pain keeping me up until 5 am and I am no longer taking pain killers. I am still hot in my feet but not as intense. I am also following the advice of a shiatsu practitioner and doing a helbal treatment to repair nerve tissues.

I know this is a lot of changes for most people but please give it a try. It will take 3 months to see results and must be continued for a while. The pain killers can be eased off later as you get more confidence.

Best wishes to you and hope this helps somebody!!

Lorna Christina King