After a big day?

Sometimes I overdo things and the experience is pretty horrible at the time. Especially in summer when I go somewhwere poorly airconditioned like a doctors office.Yesterday I did the doctors office and visit to a friend ,stopping at a shop to get some flowers to bring . By the time I got to her place I was flaring ,but got that calmed down. Got home same thing flare but had a bath and ok. Then horrible night though couldn’t get comfortable . Today I feel tired and sort of ill. I was wondering if others feel so washed out ,to the point of staying in bed after overdoing things . I dont have any diagnosis other than EM at present ( get regular blood tests) so I can only assume its from the EM and over exertion ,though why ? Surely once you settle the flares things should be fine. Do others get this hit the wall feeling, that lasts a few days at least ,has anyone got an explanation??? thanks Tizzy


This is exactly what happens to me if I exert myself in the afternoon or evening. This is why I hate being given hospital appointments which will find me struggling home on public transport when sheer numbers of people make everything unbearably warm and completely wipe me out. It makes me feel as if my insides have been boiled and my muscles don’t want to hold me up. If I need to make an effort to do something it must be finished by 3pm. I don’t have any explanation other than the fact that my EM generally is worse from mid afternoon.

Hi Tizzy.

This definitely happens with me. I don't know if because excessive flaring from the activity is a trauma to the body and it need extra rest to recoup as after any trauma. I remember back when I was still trying to work. I was a flight attendant and had this crazy shift were I went to work on day one at 9 at night then flew for about an hour and a half. I would go to the hotel and rest for about 5 hours then fly back home. I would go home an sleep all day and come back that evening to do it all again. I did this for 4 days 3 nights. When I was done on the last day I had 3 days off each week. I would sleep almost 24/7 until I had to do it all again.

I know some might think my fatigue was because of the weird sleeping hours but I worked this kind of shift for a few years before EM and never had a problem. Not only did I not feel the need to sleep through all of my days off but during the day between shifts I would usually only take a 2 or 3 hour nap instead of a 7-8 hour nap.

During my work while having EM I was in a constant flare all of the time. I don't know if it is because of EM or accompanying condition or if was simply from being in such terrible pain for so long.