Evening Flare Up Input

Hey Everyone - thanks to all of you who commented on my last post. The tips you gave were genius! I thought while we were on the topic of flare ups I would mention my challenges with the evening time in general. It seems like no matter what I do, in the late afternoon/evening I constantly flare up. Is this something everyone with EM experiences? The morning and early afternoon are substantially better times for me and I wanted to see if anyone else has challenges particularly in the evening.

My evenings are almost always more difficult for me.

It's a common feature of EM that those with it have flares in the evening/ at night, so you're not doing anything wrong! It seems to be a combination of factors, including the natural hormonal changes that take place later in the day.

I hope that helps, I just wish there was a way to help stop you having those evening flares.

I'm glad you posted this! I always get flares in the evening.

It's so frustrating because I'm a student and it's almost a guarantee that, at some point, my hands will flare when I'm trying to do homework - super annoying/distracting :( It's really hard to write/type when your fingers feel like sausages and all you want to do is hold onto something cold! I'm always amazed how, as soon as I remove the cold source, I immediately feel the burning again.

In short - don't worry! You're "in the norm" (or so it seems) haha

I am having some limited success with Acetaminophen. It is essentially a fever reducer and I've been taking 325 mg once during the afternoon and once in the evening - i.e., the warmer parts of the day - and I get some relief. I suspect that it tends to limit the increase in body/nervous system temperature that seems to occur as the day goes on.

I reckon most of us experience our worst flaring during the evenings.

Mine are always worse then, and if I'm watching TV I nip out druing the ad breaks to stand on the cold tiles in the utulity room (my second home). Like Don, I too take acetaminophen (paracetamol), usually late evening before bed. Seems to work in lowering body temperature. If I forget to take it I seem to fidget a lot longer before dropping off to sleep.

Yes this is a common feature with EM, I've never really understood why because it doesn't matter what I've done during the day it always seems to appear in the afternoons like a bad penny..!