Alternative treatment

I recently went to chiropractor who has an alternative treatment for neuropathy sufferers. It has given much improvement to many who has diabetic neuropathy or has it due to chemotherapy treatment.
I decided to try it to see if it could help my em. I have had em since 2015 and suffered much until I found combination of cyproheptadine,aspirin and magnesium. This regimen has given me great relief so that I can now go for walks even in summer and wear enclosed shoes. I still get hot and swollen toes but they cool down naturally after I get back to a cool temperature. I rarely get flairs. Still I think that I want to give this treatment a try to see if the em could go into remission.
The treatment involves low light therapy, massage vibration, and electro stimulation. After trying this for 3 months I can’t determine if there is improvement and possibly negative effects because recently I have had some flares. Since em and neuropathy have some similarities I was hopeful. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or have you tried anything similar. I am one of the em sufferers whose cause is not determined but it is not hereditary nor do I have an underlying disease as contributor. I’m not sure whether to continue the treatment. I would appreciate your feedback.

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